About Us

Jindal Intellicom is an integrated Information Technology & Business Process Outsourcing Company providing high-quality and cost-effective customer management and business process solutions.

Intellicom is part of the Jindal Organization, one of India's largest business houses. Operating globally for over 40 years, the Jindal Organization is India's largest steel manufacturer with an employee base of over 75,000 people, and with annual revenue of over US$ 20 Billion with seven steel plants in India and three steel mills in the US. Besides steel manufacturing, our group companies include travel, network infrastructure, electronic switchgear, power generation and various consulting companies to name but a few.

The Jindal name is synonymous with quality and reliability. In India and SE Asia, the name Jindal has the same recognition that IBM, XEROX, US Steel, Ford, GM, and many others have in North America. In fact one of the US' largest steel facilities located just south of Houston, Texas is part of the Jindal Organization. Jindal has been part of the US economy for many years.

The Jindal Organization has decades of experience in handling Customer Care, Technical Support, Customer Acquisition, Risk Management, and Back Room Support Functions. In 1999 Jindal decided to offer their decades of experience in these areas to other companies and thus Intellicom Contact Centers was created.

Intellicom, represents the Group's strategic interest in being a leader in the offshore CRM space.

Founded in 1999, Intellicom has developed a 2,000 FTE capability delivery center in New Delhi.

Intellicom is built on four key strengths :

Robust infrastructure with a high degree of redundancy
Experienced people
Strong domain knowledge, and
State-of-the-art technology